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The Mind-Body-Pain Connection

Check out this great video from health transformation expert Drew Canole.

4 Keys to Break the Chains of Your Past!

There is plenty of scientific research that shows how psychological factors like mood, stress, family or social support, can influence the amount of pain you physically feel.

No, The Pain is Not Just in Your Head!

Has anyone ever said that to you? It’s infuriating! People that don’t have chronic pain just can’t relate.

However, the true double whammy occurs when the physical pain causing conditions are exacerbated by negative thoughts, beliefs, and emotions.

For some people, “fixing” the mind can take even longer than fixing the body. Remember, that we are all works in process. The rest of your story has yet to be written. In order to get true healing, you must address both.

Start your day with positive affirmations like the following:

“I am deserving of a better life”
“I am capable, strong and confident”
“This pain is only temporary”
“The best is yet to come”
“The past does not define me”

Other ways to fix the mind:

Mediation – for some people this sounds to “weird”, but meditation can simply be setting aside 5-10 minutes alone in a quiet place with no distraction.

Deep Breathing – our first natural reflex in a stressful situation is to hold our breath. You must learn to slow down and breathe.

Massage – this can be costly but can also be a weekly, monthly, or occasional way to JUST RELAX for a few minutes.

Walk – there is something incredibly therapuetic about a nice long walk. Try it.

Little by little you must change the narrative in your mind. It can be slow but it works. Infuse positivity into your life every day, reduce negativity and stress in your life.

We hope you found this article and video helpful.

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  1. Wanda gilliard Wanda gilliard February 16, 2018

    I enjoyed the video please rush me a bottle of it. I am really going through at this moment.

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