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5 Rules to Live By If You Are Over 50

Below is a special guest post from celebrity fitness trainer and health coach, Mark Hill of Lifestyles Fitness in Tempe Arizona.

  1. Go For it – There is no better time than now to pursue hobbies, passions, goals that you have been putting off for the sake of taking care of other people’s needs.

    Truthfully, you shouldn’t have put it off for this long and it would be a major self-injustice for you to put it off even a day longer. 

    Sign up for that dance class… book that trip to Belize… buy that Harley… or ask that person out that you have been flirting with on and off for months.

    Imagine if you have cared for yourself in the same manner that you have cared for others. What will your life look like if you spent the next 6 months doing what you have always wanted to do?

    How would you feel? How much more energy and enthusiasm would you have for life?

    Write down 3 things you always wanted to do. Then write down and small steps that need to happen in order for you to do them.

  2. Let it Go – You have been carrying the weight of the world for decades. It is time to LET GO! Let go of the disappointment stemming from past relationships, bad jobs or career choices. Let go of the pain and hurt others have caused you.

    You are where you are… and all you can do now is craft the best next chapter of your story. Take lessons from the past and use them as guidance for the future.

    Stop comparing yourself to others
    . This is especially vital if you are using sites like Facebook. It is easy to become jealous, envious and feel less successful when you compare yourself to your friend with a great job, the perfect husband, or a house in the Hamptons. The truth is, they have the same struggles as you do and what you see is a mirage.

    Erase the stories others have written about you.

    Even our parents, despite their good intentions (hopefully), crafted stories about us that frankly are not true. Ever remember your parents telling someone, “oh that’s just Suzie, she always shy”… or “don’t worry Tommy, you are just not good at math”.

    Guess what, Suzie most likely grew up to become timid and never learned to stand up for herself. Tommy struggled through school and never reached his full potential.

    Think about it. What stories have you or others written about yourself?

  3. Unsubscribe – You are now at a time where you are in control of who and what you let into your environment. It’s time to (politely) distance yourself from negative people, doomsday news programs, and anything that is hindering you from being at your best.Unfortunately, this almost always includes family members and friends.

    This doesn’t mean you have to disown your brother or best friend from high school. But you do need to be aware of the impact their negativity may be having on you. People that are miserable and pessimistic want everyone else around them to be as well… hence the phrase “misery loves company”.

    Audit your life and identify who and what is bringing you down. Write it down.

    Turn off the news – If you want even a fighting shot at a happy life into your 50’s, you are going to have to scale back the amount of time you absorb the news.

    This includes TV and online. Media channels, news websites get paid off of viewership. In order to get viewership, they have to use fear. The constant bombardment of fear-based headlines will put even the happiest person into a depression.

  4. Regain Control of Your Health – If you are like most people over 50, you are feeling it…. aching in places you didn’t even think could ache. I never suggest pretending that aging isn’t real. Father time is undefeated.

    However, just because you are “older” and not as fit as you used to be doesn’t mean you can not live a healthy pain-free life. You can be fit, healthy and vibrant well beyond your 50’s.

    You only need to address the following:

    Your Diet – Remember the saying “you are what you eat”? Well, that saying couldn’t be any more true for people over 50. Your 20 yr old body may have been able to get by with a steady diet of fast foods and cocktails… but your current body will let you know who’s really in charge.

    Highly inflammatory foods like bread, pasta, deserts (gluten) wreak havoc on your body and can make you feel 10-20 years older. Fuel your body with healthy foods, like fresh fruit and vegetables.

    Give your body a chance to show you what it is capable of when it is a finely tuned machine. If you have not watched the 5 Worst Foods for Arthritis yet, you should. It is eye-opening and a must-see for anyone in pain.

    Hydration – Most people do no drink enough water. And no coffee and tea does not count. Grab a drink of water as soon as you are finished reading this.

    Mindset – I should have listed this first, as it is probably the most important. If you think of yourself as old and defeated, well… then you will act as if you are old and defeated.

    I’m not saying you need to be jumping up and down at a Tony Robbins motivational workshop but you need to have at least a glimmer of hope. Just that little voice in your head that says… “I’m not done yet, I’m capable of more, and I deserve it!” Even if you are in a deep depression, the process of picking yourself up begins with hope.

    Overcoming Pain and Injury – There is a good chance if you are reading this you are dealing with pain, almost all of our readers are. As someone who has been in pain before, I know just how taxing it can be. Not only physically, but mentally, and even financially.

    YOU MUST NOT accept your current condition as a life sentence of pain and suffering. Despite what you might think, you have NOT tried it all. If your doctor is not helping you, find a new one. There are natural ways to relieve pain.

    Exercise – It is crucial that you being to regain your mobility if you want to have an active, happy life spent doing the things you love. Joints become stiff and muscles become tight an weak. Those three things are a recipe for pain and injury.

    No one is suggesting you have to go run a marathon, but you need to start somewhere. Take a walk every day. Find a friend that will go with you. Join a gym or a hire a trainer if you can afford it. DO Something!

    You can then build on that momentum and take the next step towards physical fitness. Exercise can have a tremendous positive impact on brain chemistry as well as delivering well need oxygen and blood circulation throughout the body.

    5. Let Love In – This is the opposite of number 3 above. The same way you feed off of other people’s negativity you can greatly benefit from being around positive, loving people.

    If your grandkids make you happy, spend more time with them. If you have a friend that loves and cares about you, invite them to lunch. Allow as much love into your life as possible.

Follow these 5 simple rules and you will live a happier, healthier, more abundant life.

Wishing you the best,

Mark Hill, CFT.
Owner of Liefstyles Fitness


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